How to Become a retailer

There are a number of key differences between retailers and other non-retail wholesale merchant.
Retails store have bigger overheads due to cost like rent, sales, staff, fixtures, signage, furnishing and more, The cost to start a retail stores is at least 5-10x higher then online-only retailers, Retail stores generally hold more stock on hand, The larger the retail chain the more organised their procurement will be, Product appearance is very important, The margins are thinner, Foot traffic and profits per square meter are important figures to monitor in retail stores, so how do these factors affect how to sell your wholesale goods to there business?
By looking at their differences you begin to understand how selling to retailers can be a whole different ball-game then selling to other businesses with lower overheads and complexity, the retail model, while it looks simple on paper, is full of hidden costs that affect how much they can affords to pay for goods and what kinds of markups they’re looking for in a retail situation
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